Commercial Property Investment Hotspots

As with all types of real estate investment, a prime location within a thriving community is crucial to the success of your commercial property investment. What would be the point in creating a top class menu for your new restaurant, or finding suppliers for your retail store if the clients just aren’t coming through the door?

Do you ever wish you found that hotspot before everyone else? If you are considering a commercial investment property, you will need to carefully consider what exactly makes area a hotspot. Your commercial property will need to be located in an area where there is likely to be bustling commercial activity in the future and a buoyant future market for your investment. The property will need to be well located, not only in a practical sense to ensure convenience and a sufficient number of clients, but also to generate substantial returns on investment should you sell up in the future.

Ask yourself whether you will be purchasing in order to lease out units to tenants or will you be using the premises for your own business? In both cases, location, potential for commercial property investment yields and capital growth are major considerations that define whether or not you are looking at a hotspot.

Good timing is also essential to sourcing your investment hotspot. If the area in which you are considering investing in commercial property already boasts plenty of fancy shops, restaurants or office premises, then it is already a popular and probably not worth another look as prices have already gone up. However, if it is undergoing improvements to the local infrastructure, such as improved transport communications or the building of new industrial parks, these are clear signs that local prices are set to rise over time and you could therefore be looking at a prime hotspot.

If you see that a developer is planning or beginning to construct residential or commercial units in the locality, they have obviously spotted a potential market there. It is a good idea to go to local councils and websites to find out what planning applications have been approved for the area, as this information will guide you in your investment research.

If you are not in a position to buy individually into commercial property investments, UK joint ventures give greater buying power. Many investors choose to purchase through commercial property investment funds or syndicates. Their research is often done by trustworthy professionals who are experienced at giving commercial investment property advice, while taking into account all the due diligence required for such a strategic decision. They will also administer on practical issues such as buying, letting and management, providing commercial property investors a convenient, hands-off investment opportunity.

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