Investment Prospects in UK Buy to Let

Investors that are able to access financing for Buy to Let deals in the UK could find that they are in a strong position...

Investors that are able to access financing for Buy to Let deals in the UK could find that they are in a strong position. This is according to Hazel Reed, co-founder of the Hampshire and Home Counties Property Networking Club, who explained that high rental demand is currently making the sector attractive.

She noted that first-time buyers are struggling to get mortgages to purchase a home of their own, which means demand for rental properties is soaring. Meanwhile, lenders are starting to offer more mortgage products in the Buy to Let sector, making it easier for property investors to re-enter the market.

Earlier this month, director of operations at the National Landlords Association Richard Price commented that by 2020, it is anticipated that one in five households will be renting their property. However, he cautioned that any growth in Buy to Let finance needs to be "sustainable".

Ms Reed agreed with this assertion, stating that previously it was "too easy" to get into the sector, which is one of the factors that has resulted in so many people exiting the Buy to Let market.

- Tuesday 28 June 2011

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