Four-star Hotel Prices on the Rise

Four-star hotels in the UK's major cities appear to be on a winning streak. TripAdvisor claims the price of an...

Four-star hotels in the UK's major cities appear to be on a winning streak. TripAdvisor claims the price of an overnight break has increased by 30 per cent over the last year, as demand increases once again. Currently an evening at a four-star hotel in Birmingham averages GBP 92.70, The Telegraph reported. This is a 47 per cent rise on the GBP 62.69 recorded in August 2012.

Prices are also increasing in Sheffield, where the average stay at a hotel costs GBP 83.86 per night, compared to GBP 67.95 last year. In Newcastle, the cost of a night's stay is now GBP 92.01, up from GBP 70.88 in 2012, the newspaper revealed. However, price growth in London is somewhat slower, rising just four pounds year-on-year. Yet rates remain the highest in the capital, with the average room costing GBP 159.94 per night.

Experts claim growth in regional hotel markets is likely to be distorted too, as last year's Olympics kept hotel activity outside of London repressed in 2012. TripAdvisor's James Kay told The Telegraph: "The extent of the increase definitely surprised us. It suggests improving confidence on the part of hotel owners because of the fact there are more people inclined to stay in the UK this August. In general there is still a clear trend where it is cheaper to have an evening out and stay overnight in the north of England than it is in the south."

Nottingham takes the crown of 'best value city break' at around GBP 164.73, while Edinburgh is the most expensive at GBP 298.46, followed by Cambridge at GBP 275.32. In the north of England, Chester is the most expensive city, with an overnight stay and evening out costing an average of GBP 222.35.

Unsurprisingly, the budget hotel market is bouncing back across the UK, particularly in Aberdeen. Data from accountancy firm BDO showed a significant increase in both occupancy and revenue for the under GBP 40 market in the city, rising by 15.2 per cent and 11.4 per cent respectively. Alastair Rae, a partner at the firm, claims this is a sign that people are returning to the budget market.

- Wednesday 14 August 2013

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