Buy-to-Let: The Only Way is Up North

Media reports showing a booming demand for rental properties in the UK have been on the increase in 2014, with demand significantly outstripping supply.....

Media reports showing a booming demand for rental properties in the UK have been on the increase in 2014, with demand significantly outstripping supply.

For investors in the buy-to-let market, this obviously spells good news but with marked regional differences in yield levels, it can still be tough to identify the most valuable locations providing the best returns on investment.

Comparatively modest property price increases provide better rental yields

Credit comparison experts have created an interactive map of all the best and worst buy-to-let areas across the UK, using data from property portal Home. The data shows average asking prices and rental income and also highlights what yield can be expected from within that area, information that is important when making a buy-to-let investment decision.

The map shows what the media has been speculating all year – that the north-south divide is becoming wider, the scales tipping very much in favour of the north in terms of investment value, a surprise for overseas investors particularly.

Nigel Pocklington, CEO of told IPIN that "although property prices are rising faster in London than the rest of the UK, this growth rate hasn't been mirrored in rent prices. Property investors looking for high yields on rental developments could see the best returns from northern cities or Scotland".

Distribution of student population big influence on BTL 

The chart below, compiled from's data, shows the top ten areas for buy-to-let yields in the UK with notably just one southern location featured.

The underlying indication is that the best yields can be found in areas where property price gains have been moderate in comparison with London and the Home Counties.


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It is particularly interesting to note that all the top 10 areas for buy-to-let yields have significant student populations. Student accommodation and other income-generating assets have become the most popular property investment of 2014 and's data clearly indicates the reasons why.

Income-generating assets boom in 2014

Rental yields of between 7% and 11% are pretty impressive when compared with more traditional investments but importantly buy-to-let investors also have the advantage of the capital appreciation associated with tangible assets.

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- Friday 10 October 2014

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