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2014 saw a rapidly changing landscape in the world of international property investment. Once the domain of the rich and wealthy, opportunities for smaller investors..........

2014 saw a rapidly changing landscape in the world of international property investment. Once the domain of the rich and wealthy, opportunities for smaller investors to enter the high-profit real estate investment arena have now become increasingly available.

At IPIN, we've been gearing up for this for a number of years as part of our policy of providing our Members with fantastic opportunities to invest in high-value real estate projects, at low entry levels.

We are delighted to be presenting our latest opportunity in one of the world's most exciting investment hotspots – South Pattaya, Thailand. Arcadia Beach Resort is Pattaya's largest inner-city resort of luxury condominiums, occupying a prime location close to the beach and the city's excellent retail district.

Thailand's improving economy to drive 10% growth in real estate

Thailand's residential property market is expected to see up to 10% growth in 2015, on the back of the country's improving economic fundamentals and with a government commitment to large-scale investment in its infrastructure, Thailand is at the base of a steep growth curve.

Growth potential is all-important to the savvy investor who wants to see their investment propelled by strong market dynamics, such as currently seen in Pattaya.

Pattaya is Thailand's most popular tourist destination, receiving around 4.5 million visitors annually, representing 17% of the total of 26,500,000 visitors to the country. Tourist numbers have increased by a whopping 73% over the last 7 years, with Chinese visitors the becoming the dominant force in the sector that contributes more than 16% directly and indirectly to the Thai economy.

One of the most attractive aspects of IPIN's Arcadia opportunity is the fact that it is built on coastal land which has become increasingly scarce in the last two years, vastly inflating prices. The development is also set close enough to the city to enjoy the offshoots of booming growth activity but within a short stroll to the magnificent Pattaya beach, a perennial favourite with holidaymakers.

Pattaya number one destination for tourists in Thailand

With the scarcity of coastal land and the year-round rental demand for properties near Thailand's beaches, Arcadia Beach is set to achieve impressive capital appreciation while delivering excellent rental yields. The development's proximity to Pattaya City and its beautiful coastline provides investors with a captive market for renters - tourists and business travellers alike.

For foreign investors in Thailand's residential property market, a condominium is the only property type that allows overseas buyers with 100% freehold. Foreigners are allowed to own up to 49% of condominiums in a single block, raising the ceiling for those wishing to invest larger sums.

Attractive ROI at incredibly low entry level!

Entry levels for our Arcadia Beach Resort opportunity are from THB 1,735,000 (GBP 34,936, EUR 45,714*) which represents incredible value. This buys you in to a truly luxurious development constructed by one of Thailand's most prestigious and respected developers.

Each condominium is finished to an extremely high standard, with state of the art fixtures and fittings and incredible views of Thailand's stunning landscape.

Arcadia Beach Resort is an extraordinary opportunity for our Members to capitalise on Thailand's enormous appeal to tourists and those travelling on business through Southeast Asia. 

Our advice is to act fast. With interest in this development running very high, we are not able to guarantee availability of condominiums at Arcadia Beach Resort.

*subject to foreign exchange fluctuations

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- Friday 23 January 2015


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