Market Overview of Overseas Property Investment

Despite the global economic downturn and a considerate decrease in figures, overseas property investment in general remains a lucrative venture. In fact, many believe that rather than an overall drop in market prices, the fall in recent figures has been due to investors waiting for prices to plummet to bargain levels while others have simply been waiting for their personal finances to be released from previous or perhaps unsuccessful investments.

Overseas property investments still provide a number of interesting, developing markets. Although there are fewer bargains to be found than many would have expected since the start of the economic downturn, people are continuing to buy property abroad and fortunately, choices are not as restricted as they have been in the past.

Nowadays, savvy investors are looking for new opportunities in unlikely locations. Long standing sun-drenched hotspots such as Spain, Portugal and the South of France are beginning to make way for unexplored territory in terms of international investment property. Even the real estate sector’s recent obsession with Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Estonia is slowly beginning to deteriorate.

Currently, some of the best overseas investment properties can be found in Germany. The country is set to become one of Europe’s biggest property hotspots, thanks to over a decade of static house prices. Its capital, Berlin, is already seeing a massive rise in investor interest, due to growth and a significant drop in unemployment – two important factors which can have a huge impact on overseas investment property in any area.

Germany has the lowest level of home ownership in the industrialised world. By entering its Buy to Let market, you could obtain extremely high yields, particularly in Berlin and other major German cities like Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

According to Assetz, until recently, much of the country’s housing stock has been owned by corporations and the government. However, with pressure to cut their costs, they have begun to start selling their holdings – and it’s not the country’s occupants who are snapping them up. Those looking for property investment overseas are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities this could offer them and are therefore starting to buy. But prices are unlikely to continue to fall, therefore if you’re considering buying overseas investment property in Germany, now is a very good time to do so.

When looking for overseas property investment advice, you will learn that choosing to buy abroad can, if you intend to purchase property for yourself, improve your standard of living dramatically. Or, if you intend to enter the foreign Buy to Let market, excellent yields can be obtained. Look for a mixture of undervalued foreign markets, growing economies, a stable political environment, strong leverage and borrowing rates available to overseas investors.

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