Property Investment in London

For buyers seeking successful property investment, London offers its hotspots, ready to buy into before other investors jump on the bandwagon and prices begin to rise.

London city has obvious benefits as a property and international business hub, bringing with it a wealth of opportunity for many types of investment. In terms of investment property, London has obviously seen a decline in both the commercial and residential markets during the world economic recession; however, well located, carefully researched properties can mean that London property investment offers opportunities for cash investors who are not affected by crippling interest rates and lack of mortgage opportunities. Bank repossessions and distressed properties are more abundant than ever, offering shrewd buyers the chance to invest in key locations where they might previously have been priced out of the market.

Unsurprisingly, property investment in London has slowed and investors are buying with extra care and due diligence. Even landlords are waiting to see enough capital growth on the horizon before purchasing property that may remain stagnant in terms of growth for some time to come. According to property investment companies, London, along with other busy UK locations, is set to see a degree of recovery, in line with the fact that more banks are now beginning to lend again, bringing healthier yields for borrowers.

If you are looking for investment property in London, be sure to select a location that is well connected to the underground stations with quick, direct access to main hubs such as Marble Arch, Oxford Circus and Bond Street. If you are researching opportunity for suitable investment properties, London local councils will inform you if there are plans to improve transport links in the area, undoubtedly indicating a likely hot spot for the future. In addition, good, local state and private schools, recreational activities, commercial centres and green parks all add to the quality of life buyers and renters expect. The desirability of the investment property you are researching is vital to the success of your property investment in London.

Depending upon your investment strategy, so-called exclusive or trendy areas of London can spell success, despite their often prohibitive prices. If you are looking to make longer term profits with a buy-to-let investment, you could achieve excellent returns through renting to young, wealthy professionals who are still, as yet, unable to climb onto the property ladder. Indeed, 2011 has seen a sharp increase in demand for rental property, bringing with it a largely exhausted supply. This essentially spells opportunity for worthwhile investment but don’t forget that, yet again, the rule of location and availability to local transport, ideally the London Underground, will be key to your successful property investment in London. 

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