What is the Best Area in London for Residential Property Investment?

Asking what area is best for investment property in London is like asking what wine is best to have with a meal. It depends upon the meal and it depends upon personal taste. In London property investment - like anywhere - choosing an area depends upon the type of investment being made, what the investor wants from the investment, and what the investors' appetite for risk is.

Now, we have already fixed one variable; type of investment, because we are asking what area is best for residential property investment in London. Residential investment most often means buying a domicile; a place where people live be it a caravan, apartment, or house, to rent out, the rental income, as well as any growth in value over the term of the investment.

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with one of its largest populations. Property in London is some of the most expensive in the world, and with the mortgage market in a stranglehold there are real difficulties buying in London. Thus, demand for rental property is incredibly strong throughout the city, causing high demand for investment properties London.

For us to name one area that is better than the rest is like picking a rabbit from a hat, but it is not a hard formula. Look for an area with a growing industry, showing strong employment growth, growing affluence, and good transport links. Things like good schools are a bonus as well.

If we had to choose one area as an example of a good area to buy investment property London it would be Pimlico. Pimlico is a central London area separated from Belgravia by Victoria railway station to the north, from Westminster by Vauxhall Bridge Road, and bounded by the River Thames to the south. With easy access to the Victoria line, good bus routes and riverboat services to Waterloo and Southwark, this area is a commuter hotspot.

Pimlico is like a lovely little village in London, with primarily grade II listed properties. White Stucco houses line the well looked after streets, with the manicured lawns and trees. Property here isn't cheap, but landlords are reporting excellent occupancy and strong growth in rents and values.

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