Where to Buy Property Investment in London

For many years, London has been one of the most popular cities in which to invest in property, not only in the UK but in the whole of Europe. This busy cosmopolitan area is a hub for businesses ranging from major banks to fashion, retail and record companies. It's an exciting, fast-paced city with a high number of foreign individuals and offers excellent educational, career and investment opportunities.

Buyers searching for property investment London can choose from a number of smaller yet growing hotspots within the city itself. Location has a direct effect on house prices.  You will notice that they increase as you get closer to the city's central areas. Locations positioned within walking distance to landmarks such as Oxford Street, Regents Park and Harley Street are ones to watch out for if you're sticking to a tight budget as prices are renowned for being ludicrously high.

Investment property in London may also be prove more expensive if the location is connected to underground tube stations such as Marble Arch, Oxford Circus and Bond Street, as these are prime locations for commuters. Transport can play an important part when it comes to deciding on the best place for your London property investment.

Look out for areas labelled 'exclusive'. In London, these almost always spell a downtrend in affordable house prices but could be provide you with excellent yields if you plan to enter into the Buy to Let market. These areas typically appeal to young, single people in their 20s and 30s who can't afford to get on the property ladder but enjoy being seen in one of London's 'trendiest' postcodes.

Sometimes it only takes a five minute walk around the block to see a significant drop in the price of investment properties. London, for example has areas undergoing or about to undergo some big developments. Contact the local council and make some enquiries. If they have plans to improve its transport links, it will undoubtedly become attractive to commuters.

The beauty of London is that you don't have to venture too far from the city centre to get that suburban/village feel. Large green open spaces provide perfect recreational areas for families with young children and an abundance of private and state schools will push those house prices up but areas such as these possess a strong sense of community – something which is becoming increasingly rare these days, not only in London but throughout the UK.

Recent growth in London's property market has been driven by foreign investment. As well as the luxury lifestyle and opportunity to share the same postcode as a top British celebrity, overseas buyers are looking for secure investments with good returns. In London, there is something for every buyer.

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