Property Investment Opportunities from Around The World

If you’ve been considering overseas property investment opportunities, try to look beyond long standing European hotspots such as France, Spain and Portugal, famous for their warm climates and scenic sea and mountain views. Elsewhere in the world, there are equally as appealing locations just waiting for the savvy investor to come along and purchase good quality property for an excellent price.

One of the first places we recommend you look at is Germany. House prices have remained stationary for over a decade and with homeowners making up just 40% of the population, there is an excellent property investment opportunity to be obtained, particularly in its buy-to-let sector. Cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt are growing steadily and unemployment figures are decreasing, making them attractive to potential buyers from across the globe.

Another location offering good opportunities to invest in property is the north of England’s capital of music, Manchester. Home to one of the world’s most famous football clubs, the city is awash with excellent shopping centres, attractions and sporting facilities. Factors contributing to its healthy economy include its thriving retail industry, increase in passenger numbers at Manchester Airport – of the UK’s biggest airports – and an increase in jobs.  It is thought that property opportunities will be further boosted by the BBC’s decision to move staff from their London Television Centre to the BBC North headquarters in Salford.

Thinking of investing somewhere more exotic? Boosted by its government’s keenness to improve economic growth and welcome foreign investment, India is now tipped to be one of the world’s biggest property hotspots. And it’s not just its capital, Delhi, that property investment advice and opportunities are currently in demand.

The city of Gurgaon is currently seeing a huge rise in interest from foreign investors, mainly due to its fast development and plans to dramatically improve its infrastructure.  It boasts the fastest growing metro centre in the country and with IT, software and BPO companies springing up around the city, a large number of workers from India and abroad has already helped to create high demand for commercial properties.

Finally, Vietnam is also set for big things. Its coastal towns are already experiencing an astonishingly high level of interest from buyers, in particular its beachfront properties and soon-to-be-built housing developments. Investors are so keen to get their slice of this Southeast Asian hotspot that they are purchasing before a single brick has been laid. In fact, the number of beachfront villas with price tags of up to $1 million being purchased seems to be rising rapidly – a very rare scenario and a promising sign for a country that has not yet had its chance to shine in the global property sector.

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