How to be an Armchair Property Investor

Being an armchair investor is a popular dream, but a dream that is within grasp of anyone with the means and discipline to follow the guidelines of the right property investment strategy. To many people any strategy for investing in property must include buying property, but this is just not the case.

You can be nearly an armchair investor buying property, but even with management companies, the management needs management and it all takes time out of the armchair. Enter the Real Estate Investment Trust stage left.

Real Estate Investment Trusts are property investments that you can make on the high street (well, more or less) and the internet. It is property investment by proxy; you invest in a huge investment trust that invests in property around the world, or in a pre-designated town, region or continent, and collect your share of the returns. Many real estate investment trusts are also floated on the stock markets, so that is another option for the armchair investor.

But Real Estate Investment Trusts are just one of the many investment funds centred on property. Around the world there are millions of property funds to choose from. It is simply a case of deciding what you want from your investment. However, when investing in funds or REITs it is essential that you seek professional property investment advice.

Now that we are on the track of hands-free investments, another form of investment that is often talked about in the press, but rarely the subject of a property investment guide is buying shares in property developers. When the financial crisis struck shares in property developers fell massively, but they are set to see massive growth in the next few years, and are currently available at rock bottom prices.

Another option is to invest in the financing given to developers, but this is primarily for those with large sums of money to invest.

Asset management company stocks will also be a property investment worth watching for the armchair investor in the coming years. Anyone giving advice on property investment will tell you that any good investment property strategy will diversify its investments. For a property investor this can be challenging at times, but for an armchair property investor there are thousands of vast and varied opportunities on the internet.

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