Making a Property Investment in the UK 2011

Making a property investment can be a daunting prospect. There are some that would testify to the fact that investors from around the world have been put of investing in UK property because of the austerity measures, roaring budget deficit, and soaring public debt. However, while some undoubtedly have been they are in the minority, because to be put off the UK would be to leave themselves with hardly anywhere to invest, not only in Europe, but the world, because practically everywhere is in the same financial boat.

In fact, far from being shunned, property investment in UK has soared to become one of the most popular bets in Europe. As with many countries experiencing recoveries, the capital led the charge in the UK. The question is, is this a trend that is likely to continue and the answer is, yes and no.

London property was the first to recover, and both the residential and commercial property markets have recovered strongly since mid-2009, and with prices rising opportunities thinned. However, the recovery has been strongest in the prime sector across both residential and commercial, meaning that you can still find good deals in investment property UK at the lower end of the scale.

Likewise there has been no such recovery in the rest of the UK. According to the national averages, UK house prices started to rise in April 2009 and never looked back until mid-2010. However, the consensus of opinion tells us that the results were skewed by weak supply pushing up prices in just a handful of highly sought after locations, again mostly in the south and around London.

There is an unmistakeable moral to this story, a moral that property investment companies UK have long lived by, and that is local research and taking no deal at face-value. Just because it is in an area that you have successful investments in, or your brother knows well, check it out on a deal-by-deal basis.

The government austerity is still set to bite harder, and the UK is in a lot of debt, but according to analysts it still has a strong and vibrant economy, a young and determined work force, increasing numbers of graduates from the UK and around the world pouring out of the universities and generally good prospects for the long term.

Best of all the UK is a small island nation with limited space for new building and growing demand for property, meaning it will almost always supply shortages pushing up property prices. Right now the residential rental market is incredibly strong, because the vast majority of first time buyers can't get mortgages, and millions of homeowners have had their homes repossessed because of job losses and such like.

In short, there are plenty of sound UK property investment opportunities; it is simply a case of doing the right research and asking the right questions.                                                         

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