The Best Areas To Invest Outside of London

If you read the national property press you would be forgiven for thinking that there is nowhere worth investing in but London, because prices are stagnating everywhere else in the country. But for anyone investing in UK property in the right way this is meaningless. The good investor has a long term strategy allowing time to iron out such crashes and stagnation as we have seen in recent times.

For the professional or savvy UK property investment is focussed on rental income and long term capital growth potential.

For these investors the rest of the UK is just as awash with investment opportunity as the capital. Prices in the UK have collapsed but first time buyers can't afford to buy because of the huge deposits demanded to get a decent mortgage. The same stranglehold on the mortgage market means that even those already on the property ladder can find it difficult, some are in negative equity and others have poor credit.

This creates opportunities for property investment UK in the following ways. The fact that first time buyers can't buy is creating incredible demand for rental accommodation. Meanwhile the fact that those in negative equity are having trouble remortgaging makes for desperate sellers willing to accept a heavily discounted price for a quick cash sale.  These of course are added to other desperate sellers created by unemployment, and the thousands of bank owned properties yet to be sold.

In summary we have plenty of below market value investment property for sale UK and plenty of rental demand. Regular readers of this site will know to research a good area for residential property investment. A place were employment is growing - look for new factories and shops opening - and where there has been little in the way of new building. Of course building has been severely depressed since the crisis, and this puts a constraint on supply across the country, marking another strength for investing in UK property. Transport links and good schools are also things to look out for.

But of course, this doesn't narrow it down much and with so much opportunity in investment property UK we should be looking to find a real good property investment in UK in today's climate. So, we look out for things like redevelopment initiatives, government money and huge investments to regenerate an area, a city centre. New sports complexes, upgraded infrastructure and such like. This is what the big property investment companies UK are doing, and we should follow suit.


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